About Nash Collective

We are a 100% women-led team of imaginative designers who know that clothes are about more than fashion

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Nash Collective is a creative powerhouse and a community of women with one goal: to create beautiful loungewear and dream up your forever favourites. Our team’s vision is to reimagine staple pieces and bring flattering to simple; to create styles that people return to time and again, and to do it sustainably.

Our Story


It's great to shop sustainably, but we also like to look good. Why compromise?

Nash Collective was born from a need for sustainable, comfortable, and fashion forward streetwear. Ashley Boston and Nicole Patterson decided it was time to create their version of simple & stunning.

Ashley, the creative at heart, spent her highschool years in art classes, doodling designs, learning to sew, and trying on every item of clothing in her closet – 2000s movie montage style. It was when she crossed paths with Nicole Patterson that she realised it was possible to turn her passion into something more.


As young entrepreneurs who have walked through all types of industries before finding our calling, we firmly believe in following your passions and in being unapologetically you.

In Nicole's capacity as a business professional and natural entrepreneur, she saw the potential in the market for versatile, chic clothing that’s by women, for women. Their work in the corporate industry brought the two together and allowed them to learn the ins and outs of their respective companies before taking on their own.

Nicole and Ashley believe that clothes are more than a fashion statement, they’re a lifestyle. Their version of an apparel company fends off fast fashion, raises environmental standards, and gets to know local artisans and seamstresses – people at all levels of the supply chain.

The workship turned friendship turned sisterhood is the heart of Nash. Small but mighty, the team is working to create irresistible looks, and dream up day-to-night pieces that fit women right.